Corlett, Probst and Boyd has provided civil engineering services to MSU under prior contracts. Similar projects include parking lots on the campus along with necessary drainage projects. Most of the projects involved utility adjustments and all of the projects have complied with the local storm water detention and landscaping requirements. American Disabilities Act compliance is an essential part of each design.

Corlett, Probst & Boyd, PLLC’s Past MSU Project List:

2019 – Engineering design of parking facilities for new Health Sciences & Human Services Building
2019 – Topographic survey of North Sikes Lake and concrete weir/dam
2019 – Engineering design for new Maintenance Building and parking
2019 – Surveying and exhibits for land exchange behind Bridwell Apartments
2018 – Engineering design of MSU standard Light Pole Foundation
2018 – Testing and engineering analysis for slab load at MSU SIMS Center
2018 – Engineering design for Lifelong Learning Center parking lot
2016 – Engineering design for new parking lot at 2508-2512 Hampstead
2014 – Surveying for new ground sign at Eureka Plaza
2014 – Engineering design of parking renovation & pavilion flatwork Museum of Art & Pavilion
2010 – Survey 5.277 acre tract, Archer County
2009 – Engineering design – Student Health Center
2009 – Survey, locate easements and permanent structures, Newcomb Downs Addition
2008 – Engineering design for the reconstruction of Wigwam Trail
2008 – Topographic and Boundary survey for Museum
2008 – Engineering design of Upper Sikes lake bridge
2007 – Engineering, inspection and staking of new softball field
2007 – Engineering design of Fowler Building renovation project
2007 – Engineering design of fuel depot behind Daniels Building
2006 – Topographic survey of Soccer Field
2006 – Engineering assistance with campus lighting system
2005 – Engineering design of boat ramps and pedestrian piers – Sikes Lake
2005 – Engineering design of sewer collection system – South Campus
2005 – Engineering design of COBA building parking lot and Papoose and Caddo Drives
2004 – Engineering design of COBA building sitework and utility relocations