CPB’s team will utilize experienced team members to oversee the final product produced for the project. Within the firm, our Professional Engineers’ expertise will be utilized in review sessions near the end of each phase of the project. CPB’s small size allows for daily interaction between team members so that when a final QA/QC review is performed, the resulting changes are minimized.

CPB will interface with their standard QA/QC program which follows below:

Quality Assurance / Quality Control

A QA/QC Program is implemented on every assignment CPB undertakes. The QA/QC Manager’s sole focus on the project is to confirm that the Team’s attention remains on accuracy and completeness of our work product. This allows the firm to have a set of “fresh eyes” on each task. The QA/QC Manager is responsible for assuring that the QA/QC Program is executed and not circumvented in any way for the specific project assigned.

For QA/QC, CPB follows a careful, systematic approach to ensure delivery of a fully coordinated and consistent set of construction documents that are constructible in the field. Our QA/QC process takes place at each project milestone submittal. The deliverables are submitted to the QA/QC Manager by the Design Lead. The QA/QC Manager reviews each sheet of the deliverable, marking each item that needs to be addressed and all the elements of the sheet that are correct. The sheet is given back to the originator (Design Lead) who back checks that the comments/corrections are applicable to be addressed. All of this, along with any previous comments received from the Owner, are provided to the QA/QC Manager, who verifies that all portions of the QA/QC have been conducted appropriately. Any deficiencies are noted and given back to the Design Lead for correction. No submittals will be provided to the Owner until the QA/QC Manager is satisfied that all portions of the process have been adhered to.

As QA/QC Manager, Devin G. Smith will review documents and attend meetings as necessary to fulfill the tasks and role described in the above QA/QC Program.