Corlett, Probst & Boyd’s team provides surveying and civil engineering services on a daily basis to a variety of customer. Dependent upon the size of the project, the schedule for the project will vary. For Wichita Falls ISD work under this proposal, CPB proposes to place all related work at a priority level as necessary and adjust our other work to meet the District’s schedule. Generally, the work progress and schedule proceeds as follows:

  1. Work is ordered by customer
  2. Work order is written and entered into network database
  3. Work order is input into accounting computer
  4. Crew is provided with work order and in-house records research is begun
  5. Preliminary engineering evaluation is begun
  6. If needed, further research in the county records and/or State of Texas General Land Office records is initiated.
  7. Survey field work is performed and returned to CAD draftsman for initial layout
  8. CAD draftsman performs initial layout and returns to survey crew for confirmation
  9. Additional field work is performed if necessary
  10. Engineering work proceeds and initial design calculations and drawings are prepared
  11. Drafting of preliminary engineering work is performed
  12. Preliminary work is discussed with customer
  13. Customer comments are included in final design
  14. Final design drafting is completed
  15. Final review and QA/QC is performed
  16. Project is delivered to customer
  17. Project is bid or negotiated with contractor
  18. Engineer oversees project construction as desired by customer
  19. Engineer attends regular meetings with customer and construction contractor
  20. Final inspection of the completed project is performed with the customer

Additional service functions such as additional meetings, cost estimates, etc. are performed on a job by job basis as necessary for the project to be performed.