The University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering May 2018
Master of Science in Civil Engineering with Structural Specialization, December 2019

Engineer in Training (E.I.T) Oklahoma
Engineer in Training (E.I.T) Texas

Work Experience

Corlett, Probst & Boyd, Wichita Falls, TX               May 2021- Current

Engineering Associate
Assists with preparation of project plans and specifications, design calculations and drawings, and performs project research and site visits.

Current Projects
Storm Drain Pipe By-Pass Plan Along Central Freeway Frontage Rd., Wichita Falls
Holliday TCDP Street and Sewer Improvements for the City of Holliday, Holliday Texas.
Water Well Improvements for the City of Bryson, Bryson Texas
Olsson, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma           Feb 2020- May 2021

Assistant Engineer
Designed Traffic Plans for multiple highway and municipal projects in Oklahoma.
Assisted with roadway modeling and design for sections of US-177.
Measured and calculated quantities for pay items, and developed engineers estimates for projects.
Designed conceptual models and 3d renderings of large highway intersection projects.
Designed the traffic signals, wiring, and phasing plans for 5 intersections along Perkins Rd. in Stillwater OK.
Developed a plan to reconstruct driveways and sidewalks to meet ADA requirements along Rockwell Ave. in Oklahoma City.
Assisted in the site plans and haul road plans for a windfarm project in northern Oklahoma.

CP&Y, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma             May 2016- August 2016 & May 2017-August 2017
Summer Intern

Assisted in the roadway modeling and plan production for an 8 mile turnpike project and interchange with I-44 from beginning to completion