Richard K. Boyd, P.E., R.P.L.S.  Registered Professional Engineer Texas No. 35049, Registered Professional Land Surveyor Texas No. 3662.

Mr. Boyd has a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Kansas State University.  He is a member of Chi Epsilon, an Honorary Civil Engineering Fraternity, Texas Society of Professional Engineers, National Society of Professional Engineers, and Texas Society of Professional Surveyors.  Mr. Boyd has over 40 years of engineering and surveying experience including the design of water, wastewater, street, and drainage systems.

Mr. Boyd has performed wastewater system design including sewer line replacement and extension, treatment facilities, and infiltration studies for Wichita Falls, Petrolia, Graham, Burkburnett, Henrietta, Nocona, Electra, Henrietta, Olney, Tolar, Woodson, and Throckmorton.

Mr. Boyd has performed water system design including distribution lines, pump stations, raw water intake structures, and treatment facilities for Wichita Falls, Petrolia, Graham, Burkburnett, Bryson, Nocona, Electra, Henrietta, Olney, Cisco, Wichita Valley WSC, and Friburg-Cooper WSC.

Mr. Boyd has performed paving and drainage design including reservoir evaluation, stormwater detention, site grading, paving and drainage reconstruction, and sidewalk and curb and gutter replacement for the cities of Burkburnett and Graham.

Mr. Boyd has completed permit applications for solid waste disposal sites for the City of Graham.

Mr. Boyd has performed residential development design including preparing plans and plats for lots, water, sewer, paving, drainage, and stormwater detention for subdivisions in Wichita Falls, Burkburnett, Henrietta, and Olney.

Mr. Boyd has performed commercial development design including preparing plans and plats for water, sewer, paving, drainage, parking, and stormwater detention for apartment projects and commercial developments.

Mr. Boyd has designed various recreation facilities including parks and swimming pools for the City of Throckmorton and Cisco, and the layout of an 18-hole golf course and irrigation system for the City of Burkburnett.

Mr. Boyd surveying activities include boundary surveys, well locations, construction staking, and topographical surveys.